mutate now (punk science)

from Punk Science - No frills ! by Mutate Now

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    Inspired by DEVO.
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The video edit of the theme for superior mutants and lesser evolved beings.
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Do you think the future might be obsolete ?
Is life's puzzle somewhat incomplete ?
Is the universe anything more than just a joke ?
If you have to ask then you will never know !
I'm not telling you what to do,
You want to try out something new,
Super humans start today,
let me tell you how:


Do you get the feeling others think you're strange ?
Would you like to get even with everyone you hate ?
Do you think that you're the one who might be next ?
Its possible you're better than the rest !
I'm not telling you what to do,
You know yourself what you should do,
Beyond normality start today,
let me tell you how:


Lyrics by Jamie Heinrich-Stewart of Mutate Now.
May be understood, misunderstood or used by permission.


from Punk Science - No frills !, released August 23, 2010
Mutant audio engineering by Dr. Clemens.
Inspired by DEVO & Raymond Scott.
Powered by "Bob".




Mutate Now Germany

Is the future obsolete ?

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